QRA JO01OX, WAB TM23, Fists #16909 GQRP #15161 DMR-ID 2342670

Having recently returned to amateur radio I went out and bought myself a 2m / 70cm transceiver. Then I needed an antenna. In the past I'd always made J-Pole antenna and strapped them to the chimney breast but this time I wanted something different. After searching the internet I found a simple 2m / 70cm vertical dipole at the Zed Zed's Workbench. It was the one for me.

Construction was simple. The elements were made from 4mm aluminium rod from the local DIY store and cut as close as possible to the dimensions mentioned in the link. The standoff arm was made from an old UPCV window-sill. This material is both easy to work and very lite.

Once built and mounted on a pole the performance has been excellent. It give an SWR of just over 1:1 and seems to be standing up well to the weather. Very pleased with it.